October 15, 2023 - RSC to help West Orlando Residents/Businesses



RSC has the honor and privilege of working with the McCarthy family and Father Martin Cilia of Malta, to represent their great project here in the United States. See the original episodes on Shalom TV here.

- Pastor Kim Book, "I Shall Overcome" , live for sale on Amazon! So proud to know her and have helped by writing her new book for her. 

- US Patent and Trade Office approves Real Second Chance Trademark                                                                                 

- Our Entrepreneur Model for all cities, piloting in Parramore, Orlando, FL.

- Las Vegas RSC Chapter Announced. Two New Corporate VP's!

- Our First Kids Entrepreneur Class Success! - Our Futures Depend On It. To be re-started after COVID concerns clear. 

                             We are Proud of What We've Accomplished:

- Five years of helping, learning and building.

- We learned that the future, in distressed areas, depends on Kid Entrepreneurs.

- Men, Women, Homeless, Felons, Addicts, Abused worldwide - they are all welcome.

Make A Donation 

Every dollar helps, and our candidates success will be your reward forever.  

                                                      To The Community Entrepreneur Fund. Now supporting the PG-13 Program.

  The Economic  and    Social Impact of an    RSC Success Story       is ENORMOUS.?

                                                      To The Community Entrepreneur Fund - Now supporting the PG-13 Program



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