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We must engage with returning citizens before they leave prison. They need to know there's a path and people to support them.



Comfort with the Unknown, disregard for unnecessary rules and knowledge of bootstrapping, survival learned in prison gives ex-convicts entrepreneurial potential.


650,000 people per year leave prison and attempt to rejoin society. Despite seeking employment at rates higher than the general population, former Ex Convicts are half as likely to get jobs, so their choices are constrained and limited.

Time to get on board and make our communities so much better. Create success not incarceration. RSC is a leader and we would love to talk to anyone who needs help.




Real Second Chance/Detroit. Pastor Kim helps support. 

              (More from Pastor Kim)


Crime imposes a significant burden on American well-being and tax-financed resources. We believe we need private industry much more involved.



The choices are simple. Get lucky and find a job, go back to crime which almost certainly will put them back in prison, or start their own business. Real Second Chance has become expert at what it takes to start and succeed. Its experience with ex-felons changes lives, and contributes greatly to building a better community life for all.

  • Daniel Manville.
  • Uchendi Nwani. 
  • Eugene Brown.
  • Jeff Henderson.
  • Mark “Chopper” Read.
  • Robert Downey, Jr.
  • Tim Allen.
  • Christian Slater. and so many others who have had success from prison.



So, RSC plans to empower private industry, organize it, and go after solutions that keep entrepreneurial talent out of prison. The numbers are in the hundreds of millions of dollars that can be saved, let alone helping build much safer communities.

Contact RSC  at We promise you will not regret getting involved. 

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