RSC To Sponsor Mayoral Debate

Downtown/Parramore Citizens Debate

Night Shade Lounge, 536 W. Church St.

October 30, 7PM to 0PM

Night Shade Lounge will be open from 5PM on, the day of the Townhall/Debate


Issues To Be Discussed:




Children’s Opportunities

Inflation – Cost of Living



Meeting Details:

2 hours in duration, break of 15 minutes in between sessions. Crime and Homelessness will be discussed is Session 1. Education, Children’s Opportunities and Inflation will be discussed in Session 2.

The format is a modified debate/townhall format, guaranteeing all candidates are able to voice their responses on each issue. All candidates will have time to add to the issues and give any messaging that they feel we missed in our questions.

The Questions:

Questions will be collected during the week from multiple sources. From that list, the group of companies and residents that put together this townhall/debate, will choose what they feel best represent issues they feel that need to be attended to. Each candidate will be asked questions and allowed to respond. We will then have, after each question a time for candidates to question each other about any specifics.

Audience participation and questions will not be allowed directly. Audience members may wish to submit questions if they arrive early, and if we have time, our group will consider.

What We Want to Accomplish:

We want to know that our issues are heard, unfiltered. We have seen enough crime and homeless tents on the street to know whatever is being done now isn’t working like we hoped it would be. We want to know how each candidate plans in handling these important things to our families and business associates.  

Parking – On Church St, Both sides, Terry and Division. Parking Lor on Church St on West side of Church St. just south of Club, near Terry St.   


Downtown Church Street Bible Study Fellowship

Real Second Chance

Night Shade Lounge

Many Local Businesses


Night Shade is expert at holding events on the downtown area and has become an important part of the Parramore downtown community. They will use those skills to house a Citizens townhall/debate for people and companies in the area relative to the upcoming Mayoral election. This will be a citizens’ activity where the citizens are the questioners, through the moderators. Questions will be given to Night Shade lounge the week of October 16 to October 22, and from other downtown sources.


Voting locations and rules for voting. We will hand out questionnaires for people to ask questions for the future, which we will send to all candidates. Candidates will receive a summary of the meeting to use as information in the remaining time in their campaigns.  


Moderators and questioners will be chosen from the local community. They will act on behalf of the businesses and citizens and will not be involved in accepting or rejecting any candidate’s response. It will be left to the audience to determine the credibility of each candidate.






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