Every distressed woman and man need the same chances we are all lucky to have. For their sake and our communities' future, we need them to succeed. REAL SECOND CHANCE creates leaders/contributors and has learned that the best way to lower crime and increase economic success is to start early in life. So, we have focused our efforts since the pandemic on kids entrepreneurship. It is working! 


Purpose and Goals: 

A Real Second Chance was originally formed to give women who grow up in adverse conditions, both socially and economically, the chance to become entrepreneurs. That has since expanded into men entrepreneurs, and we are now experiencing success with both.

We want to identify men and women who can accept the challenge of changing their lives through entrepreneurship.  Owning businesses, supporting their families, and contributing to local communities is a vision we want to share with them.  Women and Men who join RSC will be supported to identify pathways to pursue and be provided training and transitional support to foster success.

The People We Will Help: 

Those we serve are women and men of any age that wish to start and succeed in their own business.  We prioritize our candidates from women and men coming from what we call a distressed background.  These people have not been afforded the opportunities to succeed and have not benefited from a stable upbringing and life.  We do not promise success or that they will earn enough to have a luxury lifestyle.  We can promise to support them and work with them as along as they are willing to work for themselves, their children, family, future and community.

Why We're Needed: $$$$

Relative to Women, in June of 1919, the World Bank (WB) created a $3 Billion fund for women entrepreneurs. This is an international fund available to developing countries. NO matter where, women are often treated as less important for funding future business ideas. This WB fund is meant to help a country’s women to begin being self-sufficient and encourage them to start their own businesses.

In the United States, we have no such fund. It seems the WB has assumed that U.S. women entrepreneurs are doing fine and they have all the opportunities they need. This is not true. Women in the U.S. are not treated as likely candidates to start businesses, small or large. Of the top 10 private grant providing agencies for women in America, Fed-Ex leads the way.  As admirable as that truly is, the reality is that Fed-Ex limits support to small amounts of funding in the low 10’s of thousands, and again, much of their money is given internationally.  In the U.S., women entrepreneurs have no ready venture capital source. Therefore, our original target of women who come from distressed backgrounds, have no or extremely limited funding opportunities for creating their own enterprises. Men are in the same position. In many cases, these people are left to do it on their own and those with distressed backgrounds of fragmented families, abuse, and chemical dependencies, have no funds available. Real Second Chance tries to bridge that gap, not just by donating funds, but by creating sustainable entrepreneurial businesses that stay afloat for many. many years to come.

We, as a society, have to adjust our attitudes towards the distressed and re-entrants to society, and help vs. ostracize. The rewards for all of us will be substantial.  .





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