Every distressed woman and man needs the same chances we are all lucky to have. For their sake and our communities' future, we need them to succeed. REAL SECOND CHANCE will create leaders/contributors 

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RSC has built a team that contains top talent in understanding distressed women and men, with the best chance of helping them succeed as entrepreneurs. These people previously had high odds against success. But our knowledge and understanding of their specific problems has been ground-breaking in helping some to succeed, when very few if any, believed in them. We have learned that the real impact will be from helping kids at an early age. That, indeed, could be transformative to urban centers. RSC's main focus has moved to that area, although many adults are still part of our program and will continue to be so.   

As many good things seem to occur, Real Second Chance began in an very unplanned fashion, Real Second Chance had its origin in a simple discussion among friends. In a social get together, Dr. Gary Walby was lamenting to Business Partner, Claude Smith, that there were so many women he and his group helped to get jobs, he was disappointed that, after 6 months or so, many would revert back to their old ways and quit their jobs. Smith suggested if they had their own businesses, they would be more likely to stick it out, with all the positive motivation one’s own business provides. And Real Second Chance was born. 

From there, RSC found that men need the same type of help too. So, RSC became a source for both men and women.  Both have families they individually support and need help to succeed for. The community wins when RSC succeeds, so we knew within months of startup, we truly had a winning cause and reason to pursue RSC enthusiastically.

Real Second Chance used two skill sets to create its successful women entrepreneurs. These two organizational segments are (1) Candidate-Identity Expertise, and (2) Business Opportunity Expertise to help the Candidate evolve to a business that suits their desires and skill base. 

Organization Segment 1 – How Do We Select Candidates – A Real Second Chance has created methods and procedures to identify those women and men who have a chance to be successful entrepreneurs. That means we must identify key parameters to look for in at-risk women and men, and place them into our program so they can be evaluated and tested for future acceptance. These referrals can come from multiple places: friends, schools, trade associations, guidance counselors, social service contacts, foster homes, possibly even from locations such as prisons or reformatories.

Organization Segment 2 – We help the Candidates identify business opportunities that they can become successful in. The likely opportunities will come from technology based marketing and sales opportunities, but the desires of the candidates will drive the business. They must be interested in not only making money, but doing something to sustain themselves and the business. Technology-related businesses will be the easiest and quickest to implement, but once the business is operating, it can lead tested candidates into variations that will grow into successful ventures. It will also be essential to get early partner clients, whether business or personal, who will help these candidates get started. For example, companies that use services along the lines of our Candidates interest, should be available to give Candidates a chance to work with them as clients. We will develop and perfect those networks as we grow. 

Today's Priorities - The world's future is in technology. from blockchain to Internet advancements to how to handle the promise and risks of new payment systems such as cryptocurrency advances. Our newest thrust at those who need a second chance further expands our direction at attempting to put people with wealth together with those who need it, such that the disadvantaged are shown a clear pathway to success and know they have support in doing so. Club1839 is our thrust at educating all on the future, uniting the poorest with the richest and creating partnerships that give ALL, a chance to become independent and successful. The world is becoming smaller, we should recognize this, and do our best to unite all in helping each other succeed, no matter where we live.  

Board of Directors

Claude Smith, CEO

Has significant experience both in the Corporate world and private entrepreneurship. His corporate experience includes major successes in IBM, and Citibank in a variety of jobs ranging from programmer analyst to Senior Vice President of London Operations. His entrepreneurial activities stretch from technology innovation to marketing for key entrepreneurial businesses. Entrepreneurial successes include building the largest graphics company in the Casino Gaming Industry, leading a major water treatment company in the Northwest U.S., and creating new opportunities for entrepreneurs using crowdfunding and creative funding methods. He is currently working on two Block Chain projects, which he believes have tremendous potential for future opportunities worldwide and could be especially valuable for Real Second Chance candidates. Club1839 will be a priority and area of focus.

He is married, with a B.S. in Math, and a Masters in Business Administration, majoring in Financial Management. 

Donna Smith, President

Donna Smith has a history of success in sales and customer service positions in various industries. From her degree in engineering, with a Computer Science major, she began as a systems analyst for a large defense contractor computer company in California. From there, she found an interest in sales and marketing and became a leader in providing bundled health and administrative services to companies throughout Las Vegas, Nevada. In that role, she was nominated to the Board of the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, and served in that position for a two year term.

In her subsequent family move to Florida, she decided to fulfill one of her childhood dreams, and went to work for Walt Disney World in Orlando.  In her 10 years at Disneyworld, she held a variety of positions on the sales and client entertainment side, and on a daily basis, made the experiences of visitors better for her participation.

Donna is now President of Real Second Chance, Inc. 

Through her many years of experience, Donna has seen many different and varied sides of life. When asked if she would volunteer to help Real Second Chance help women, who have not been as lucky as she, to get a second chance at life by becoming an entrepreneur, she readily agreed to join. Donna will work both as an RSC spokesperson and a consultant to women who will attempt to become their own bosses. A strong and welcome member of the RSC team. 

Tom Itin 

Tom Itin has earned the respect as a who's who of entrepreneurs. From the time he graduated from two of the leading business universities in the U.S., Mr. Itin has been a leader in the business world, creating his own companies, partnering in some, and helping others finance and create their own businesses. Tom's career includes successes such as creating a $100 Million company in the auto industry, among others. Meantime, he consulted and led entrepreneurial groups helping both New York University and Cornell University. Another career highlight was developing and leading the largest golf retailer in the U.S. Tom was CEO of that franchise organization with over 300 stores. Tom is a major asset to the Real Second Chance, and will be invaluable resource in making our future women entrepreneurs successful. Tom will continue to help in Detroit-related issues as they arise. 

Mike Smith, VP

Mike Smith is a proven Operations Manager, managing the largest graphics company in the Casino Gaming Industry. Responsibilities included serving the entire Las Vegas Hotel Community, along with over 400 other hotel/casino endpoints worldwide. The attention to customers, their quality requirements and tight deadlines is a necessary requirement to manage the detail and sensitivity of the Real Second Chance organization. Entrepreneurs have to be satisfied, businesses have to be created, and deserving candidates will need someone with successful experience to help them through the rough spots.

Mike currently manages an entrepreneurial Internet company helping large and small businesses with websites, marketing and branding new products and services and most recently cryptocurrency design and consultation. And as of July, 2020, he is co Executive Director of Real Second Chance, Las Vegas. Club1839 will be a priority and focus. 

Mike has a B.A. in Social Science form the University of California Irvine, is married with two children.     

Jeff Smith, VP

Jeff Smith's background is in sales and sales management in large commercial markets. After graduating form College, Jeff joined a top market research company in California and used that experience to help build the largest graphics company in the Gaming Industry. In that company, he managed sales worldwide. His customer base included some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world, clients that owned casinos, cruise lines, and hotels. His geographic area was the world, with special customer relationships in Japan, China, South Africa, Australia and Europe. 

Jeff adds a wealth of experience in how to brand and sell products and services. His contribution to Real Second Chance will be to help direct the sales efforts of our new entrepreneurs, and he will have a special responsibility on helping to make them successful. And, in addition, as of July, 2020, Jeff is co Executive Director of Real Second Chance Las Vegas. Club1839 will be a priority and focus. 

Jeff has a B.A. in Economics from University of California Irvine, is married with two children.   


Donna Smith (See Above)

Claude Smith (See Above)

Mike Smith (See Above)

Jeff Smith (See Above)  


Dr. Gary Walby, Ph.D., M.S.P.H., M.S.

Gary’s career has spanned clinical practice, research, evaluation, community network improvement, and resource and sustainability development.  He has focused on the enhancement and application of systems-based intervention and evaluation for much of his career.  As a clinician he specialized in working with families at risk and adults with severe mental illness, using systemic family therapy and other systems based models.  As an evaluator, Gary ensures that all evaluations, simple to intricate, are contextually relevant and applies systems and complexity models to enhance findings and to develop sustainability for the client.  

As a successful grant writer, principal investigator, and project manager, he has helped to develop and integrate numerous programs related to mental health, maternal and child health, developmental disabilities, and children at risk.  His efforts in conjunction with a capital development group have enhanced his capacity for supporting organizational and community sustainability.  He has lead large strategic planning efforts for state and local government organizations as well as community-based organizations, and works closely with rural development and sustainability.  Gary strongly believes in community, strong local businesses, and effective services as critical for local health, education and safety.  His emphasis is on what is effective and efficient and he helps clients to select and implement evidence-based programs, is ‘data-driven’ in decision-making, and has helped start multiple coalitions and collaborations to increase community stability and capability.  As a director on numerous boards for organizations, associations and coalitions, he has helped to promote sustainable growth and needed infrastructure.

Gary Walby received his Bachelor Degree from Michigan State University with a dual major in Psychology and Criminal Justice.  He completed a Master’s of Science in Psychology from Nova University and a Masters of Public Health in Epidemiology from the University of South Florida.  Gary earned a Doctorate in Public Health with concentrations in evaluation of programs and policy, research methodology, participatory sustainability planning, development of evidence-based and best practices, and social-behavioral and community factors in mental illness and mental health from the College of Public Health, Department of Community and Family Health, University of South Florida.







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