When we began Real Second Chance, over two years ago, we had no idea where to would lead us. We didn't know if certain groups would be easier to deal with, or if all groups manifested problems that would be insurmountable in them starting and sustaining an entrepreneurial business. To discover some of those answers, we allowed everyone to enter.

We went through the tedious up-front interview process, eliminated those who clearly did not have the drive and attitude to succeed, and began working with those we thought had a chance. We found so many things about people, problems that caused their distress, and genuinely found a new element of society that the average American has not seen. 

And that is why this is so important. We must understand this element of our society and we must reverse what we have been doing. There are many very talented people in this distressed group, and with a little work from local government and private industry, we can re-engineer the economic and social landscapes of our communities. We are fortunate to have been led down this path and we couldn't be happier with the future we will have disseminating our knowledge to all concerned.   




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