Every distressed woman and man needs the same chances we are all lucky to have. For their sake and our communities' future, we need them to succeed. REAL SECOND CHANCE will create leaders/contributors and help train kids so they don't have the desire to turn to crime for survival.  


Key Events During and After Pandemic:

Frist 10 classes designed for Kids Entrepreneurs - March 18, 2021

First Kids Entrepreneur - January, 7, 2021 - Startup with the Boys and Girls Club, amazing success

Pandemic Support - Small Businesses need help. Next few months supporting THEM - April 15, 2020

Completion of Local  Small Business Recruiting - Over 100 companies involved - March 31, 2020

Culture Of Orlando - February 29, 2020 - Real Second Chance Kids Entrepreneurs highlighted. Over $500 in Kids products sold.  


Third Town Hall - Pine Hills, September 3, 2019 

Second Town Hall - Lake Nona, August 20, 2019 

First Town Hall - Downtown Orlando, July 16, 2019


Tracy and Lamonte Have Guest Appearance on the Ted Show

May 22, 2019, Kissimmee, FL - See Show Video HERE.


Mike Smith, Media Relations                                                                                                                      info@realsecondchance.org                                                                                                                                                    1(800) 410-1973 


Tracy and Lamonte accepted into Real Second Chance Entrepreneurial Program.

May 10, 2019, Kissimmee, FL - (See details and welcome to Donna Smith, New President of Real Second Chance, Inc.)


Mike Smith, Media Relations                                                                                                                      info@realsecondchance.org                                                                                                                                                    1(800) 410-1973 


Real Second Chance Supports  Men Entrepreneurs 

February 11, 2019, Kissimmee, FL  – Real Second Chance (“RSC”), announced the addition of supporting Men Entrepreneurs along with its basic core of helping Women who have been through distressed situations. RSC will now  help Men become owners and creators of their own businesses. Claude Smith, in Charge of the Entrepreneurial Development for RSC concluded, "When we originally began Real Second Chance, it was our goal to take our established entrepreneurial team and put the team in a place where it could have maximum impact per successful candidate. We surmised that women would have the most community impact, since they were normally tasked with raising any affected children. A success by them would have much more impact than men. Now, after more than 6 months research and bringing people into the program, we have found almost as many men who have taken the responsibility for their children. Our assumption was wrong, and helping men can have an equally significant impact."

The RSC Team is currently working with two women and two men in Phase 1 evaluations, to see if they can make it to the next step, which is completion of business planning and funding. Once a candidate enters the funding phase, we will announce and begin the one to two year process of establishing them as successful business owners, and POSITIVE contributors to the community. 

About Real Second Chance

Real Second Chance was formed as a result of key people from divergent backgrounds creating a merger of talents, backgrounds and networks that can help make a major impact on community life. To date, the response has exceeded expectations. 2019 is RSC's breakout year. We expect to have successful candidates showing everyone the value of making previously forgotten women, and now men, leaders in their communities.


Mike Smith, Media Relations                                                                                                                      info@realsecondchance.org                                                                                                                                                    1(800) 410-1973  


Real Second Chance Supports United Against Poverty STEP Program

December 18, 2018, Orlando, FL - Real Second Chance has begun a relationship with Orlando's "United Against Poverty", to work together to provide a source of candidates for the RSC Women's Entrepreneurial program. United Against Poverty has created a job development program for those in need called STEP,  which provides a comprehensive 6-week learning course on basic essentials for getting a job. A natural result of this training exposes the fact that some of the students might be better served by attempting to start businesses of their own, with their own fresh ideas and their own perspective on what will make them successful. The RSC relationship is expected to help those who are more entrepreneurial-motivated to see if they qualify to have RSC invest in them to begin their own companies. 

On the surface, the relationship appears to be a natural between two organizations dedicated to bettering the Community of Orlando, and helping some of its most negatively impacted people. Time will tell if this works, but if dedication and talent is the requirement, we believe this relationship will ultimately prove successful and fulfill the dreams of many STEP students.


Mike Smith, Media Relations                                                                                                                      info@realsecondchance.org                                                                                                                                                    1(800) 410-1973  

                                                                                      # # #



Three vital things for women to be successful:

  1. Best Business Attitude: A refusal to quit when things get tough.
  2. Most Valuable Skill: Networking. Networking. Networking.
  3. Strongest Personality Trait: Having thick skin (being objective).


Inc Magazine is filled with great information and insights into women's entrepreneurship. This is another article well worth reading. 


Some great stories about women who inspire us all. You may want to research some of them more.


It’s never been a better time for women entrepreneurs. RSC beleieves that even women who are the most unlikely to succeed, can do it. Some inspiring stories showing success.


Some very important stories about successful women technology entrepreneurs. The world now is a technological online showcase, and we will be stressing involvement in the electronic future which opens up so many doors for our RSC candidates. Some great stories here.


Entrepreneur Magazine does a definitive expose of successful black entrepreneurs. Hot off the press in February, 2018, every aspiring entrepreneur must read. Your color doesn’t matter. It’s your ideas and work ethic that will make it happen.


Sure women have more obstacles to overcome, but who cares. If you’ve got it, you’ve got it. Good information for aspiring women. 


An article describing the physical, mental and emotional effects on children growing up with drug-addicted parents


Good article by Greenhouse. We would add one thing to their recommendations –“ See if you can make it as an Entrepreneur.”





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