Real Second Chance was told, when it started, that creating entrepreneurs from ex-felons, homeless, addicts, was a close to impossible task. Even if successful, it would cost too much to turn these people into successful business people. 

Sorry, disbelievers, we now have Lamonte, Megan, Brian, Aidan, and we are working with many others. Derek, formerly homeless, became a successful entrepreneur in social media. He is now on the way to an acting career. Darius and Eric now have their own Videographics company. Yes, we have had some failures, too. Tracy was a disappointment after the time we spent, but we hope his life is better for knowing us. But those failures taught us things that have helped us become more successful in the future. 

It's been a long almost three years now, full of ups, downs, sideways, surprises and emotions. but, adding it all up, we have created an entrepreneurial engine for the most needy, second to none. And we will begin expanding and sharing what we have learned with everyone who wants to make their communities orders of magnitude better than they currently are.

Go Entrepreneurs!







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