Second Chance Town Hall Invitation - LAKE NONA


Invitation to “Second Chance Townhall”

You are cordially invited to attend an Orlando Community event,  August 20th, 6:15 to 8:00PM.

The Second Chance Townhall will educate attendees on a critical issue - the impact of returning felons, drug addicts, homeless, or victims of abuse, and how the Community can take advantage of their talents to make Orlando a better place to live. We will address community law enforcement and rehabilitation issues, and try to discover "heroes" both at the adult, and teenager level. 

At the meeting, you will hear from new entrepreneurs, now on their way to becoming successful business people.  Their stories are compelling. Through them you will learn first-hand, what it takes to become successful after what can only be described as devastating experiences. You will also be treated to expertise from law enforcement, and how leaders can join in and help with successful re-integration into society.

We hope you can attend. As the term “Townhall” implies, we expect a lively interaction and believe you will have an enjoyable and very valuable experience.

If you plan on attending, please register here on our Eventbrite page. We hope to see you there.

/Donna Landy Smith/                             /Ted Bogert/                              /David E. Washington/           President, RSC                      President, Ted’s Community, Inc.             Director, VECCF 

____________________________________Meeting Details:_________________________________

Date: August 20, 2019

Time: 6:15PM to 8:00PM

Location: Ronald McDonald House at Nemours Children's Hospital, 13551 Nemours Parkway,
Orlando FL, 32827 (321) 319-4748

Sponsors: Real Second Chance, Inc., Ted’s Community, Inc., Voters Education Coalition of Central Florida, A Hero For Kids

Registration: Register at our Eventbrite Page.

More Information: Media Kit     


Opening Remarks                             Donna Landy Smith                                10 Minutes

Lake Nona Awards                 Teds Community/A Hero For Kids                     15 Minutes                     (Awards to be given for Lake Nona Neighborhood Excellence and New Ideas) 

Lamonte Gwynn                                                                                            20 - 25 Minutes                                   (Lamonte will tell his story, from drug addiction to entrepreneur)                 

Questions for Lamonte                                                                                  5 Minutes

Law Enforcement Overview                    Joe Lopez                                         10 Minutes

Town Hall Open Questions/Discussion      ALL                                               30 Minutes

Closing Remarks                                Donna Landy Smith                                3 Minutes

_____________________________Relevant Web Page References:_____________________

Ronald McDonakd House, Lake Nona

Real Second Chance

Voters Education Coalition of Central Florida

Ted's Community, Inc.

Lamonte Gwynn

Joe Lopez

A Hero For Kids

Lake Nona Neighborhood News


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