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Second Chance Town Hall Mission:

Educate the Community on the value of helping past felons, drug addicts, and other distressed individuals. Curb existing bias against those who want to return and are capable of becoming, positive Community contributors. 


We believe that a Neighborhood Education program is needed to show the value of supporting those who have recovered, served their time and are ready to use their God-given talents to succeed. Because the current system continues to punish offenders long after they have paid their dues to society, our current system actually encourage offenders to go back to their old ways. With a 75% recidivism rate after 5 years, and a $78.7 Billion abuse of prescription opioids problem, we are failing, as a society, to provide the proper balance so that recovered talent can choose a society-productive path, These Neighborhood Town Halls will demonstrate, at a grass roots level, through two dedicated entrepreneurs, what all of us can do to make our neighborhoods better and safer places to live.    

The Town Hall Meetings:

The Town Halls will have a broad representation to help out new entrepreneurs show the audiences why it is so important that people like them succeed. The two entrepreneurs, Lamonte Gwynn and Tracy Young, are extremely talented in their fields of operation.

The Founders and Sponsors 

Real Second Chance, Voter's Education Coalition for Central Florida and Ted's Community have come together to provide these Town Halls. Each has strong reasons to be a partner. Real Second chance wants to help make Lamonte and Tracy successful, Joe Lopez , current Candidate for Orange County Sheriff, sees these two as examples of people we need to try to help, to minimize future crime, and VECCF wants to get people educated on what Orlando Candidates are doing to help,  encouraging them to get out and vote. 

Professional Staff and Volunteers:

Between the three organizations leading the Second Chance Town Halls, there are over 30 volunteers and staff working to make them the best they can for our entrepreneurs and the Orlando Community they so very much wish to represent. Volunteers who may wish to join should make a request at volunteers 





Second Chance Town Hall Schedule:

Apopka - TBD

College Park - TBD

Downtown Orlando -

July 16th, 5:30 to 7:30PM, Orange County Public Library, Magnolia Room - Sign up Now!

Eatonville - TBD

Lake Nona - TBD

Maitland - TBD

MetroWest/Orlo Vista - TBD

Ocoee - 

July 25th, 5 to 7PM, Lakeshore Community Center, Ocoee

Pine Hills - 

August 8th, 5 to 7PM, Pine Hills Community Center, Jennings Rd.

Waterford Lakes - TBD

West Orlando - TBD

Winter Garden - TBD

Winter Park - TBD

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