Announcement from Pastor Kim Murphy:

My new Book, “I Shall Overcome”, developed with Real Second Chance, is now scheduled to launch in July of this year. After many months of soul searching, remembering dates, times and places, and just hard work, my story will now be available to all who do not believe they can overcome obstacles and become major contributors to their families and communities.

Our Creator gives us many choices in life, some more important than others. The choice my husband and I had to make was whether to fight, be angry, or just give up, after we were falsely accused and imprisoned as part of a system that all too regularly uses people like us to further personal economic gains. Because of our faith in Jesus, we chose to react in a POSITIVE way. We have fought to help those who have been through similar circumstances, especially those who have made mistakes. We believe God forgives, but many need to be shown a path that allows them to forgive and move on.

I pray my book gives others the encouragement to be positive about their futures. Anger, division, cheating at the expense of others, must be replaced with love, unity, and inclusion driving our daily lives. Communities need positive, not negative outlooks, and I believe God has chosen me for leadership in this role.

“I Shall Overcome” is a true story. Unfortunately aspects of it are true for far too many. But, to all of you who have been wrongly treated, nothing is gained by pouting and feeling sorry for yourself and hating everyone and everything that caused your mis-treatment. Get up every day, live life and plan how many positive things you will be accomplishing that day. God did not put you here to feel sorry for yourself. He gave you his greatest gift, human life. Do something with it. Accomplish something. Become someone who makes a difference. I promise you, if you approach life positively, your world will change and you will love yourself and everyone around you more.

Act in this manner and you will be a difference maker, and, yes, “You, too. Shall Overcome!”





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