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Detroit/The Beginning

During the week of February 28, Pastor Kim Murphy and her team visited Orlando, FL to see if RSC could help her create a new Chapter in Detroit.. After three days of discussions and interaction, the plan was formed and work will begin in September, taking the knowledge gained in Orlando, and exporting it to Detroit. Not only will a new RSC Chapter be created, but pastor Kim and her dreams for Detroit will be included in the rollout of this effort. A magnificent project that will be accomplished by people who really care so much about their communities. 

Here are some video clips from those Orlando meetings.

             Pastor Kim Murphy, Detroit, summarizing her trip to Orlando                                                                             

                 RSC's Donna Smith summarizing several days of meetings with Pastor Kim and Detroit


One of the highlights Of Pastor Murphy's trip was dedicated time with Orange County Sheriff Candidate, Joe Lopez. An early supporter of Real Second Chance, Joe's advice and insights to Detroit's Pastor Murphy, were well received and represented what we have learned here in Orlando, so well.  





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