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  Real Second Chance Community Entrepreneur Opportunity Program  (CEO)

     "Growing Our Community, One Entrepreneur at a Time" 


                  Donna and Steve, The Ted Show, March 23, 2020

"All Businesses matter!"

Our newest initiative, started in Orlando and Central Florida, and now in Las Vegas and expanding to many other cities, is our Entrepreneur Funding Program. We call it "CEO," the Community Entrepreneur Opportunity Fund. It funds the one area that has been neglected for entrepreneurs and, in many cases, will make the difference between success and failure. 

There are various phases to successful entrepreneurships, and at any phase, the business viability can be tested. Many times, easy to handle financial situations crop up, but the entrepreneur has no path. His/her friends and family have given enough, and they aren't far enough along to be eligible for venture capital. So, they are stuck with finding new "Angel" investors, diverting attention to solve small problems, and possibly creating enough frustration to terminate all efforts.

Money is needed for simple things, like an extra graphics computer, a plane ticket to an important business conference, an online course that is vital to their success, new office space, etc. These are not large amounts, but when the entrepreneur doesn't have access, that small amount can be the difference between the person going on or just giving up in frustration. When each entrepreneurial business, on average, contributes $300,000 annually to their local economy, it is vital that communities from all over, receive funds to continue. And, now with the Covid-19 virus, we fear that up to 50% of small businesses may fail in the next 18 months, affecting 22% of America's GDP. 

"All Businesses Matter."

The CEO Fund is a place to go to remove problems from the path of success, both startups and those trying to survive. In our 2+ years of experience helping those from distressed backgrounds become successful entrepreneurs, this problem reared its head frequently. A fund is needed to provide a backstop to insurmountable, but smaller, emergency problems, and the RSC Community Fund will be there to help. 

We expect this fund to grow and expect the CEO program to expand.  And we fully expect that the entire community will get behind this and make it a place to go for deserving new and existing entrepreneurs. The official launch is scheduled for May of this year. You can see our support groups and how they are contributing for Orlando HERE. and for Las Vegas HERE.

Donations are welcome. If you're an entrepreneur or are supporting one, or went to be one, join us. It's up to us and you will be joining a group that is dedicated to anyone that wants to be successful and is willing to work for it.





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