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We Owe Them All! These are the great people and companies that provide the network that generates the funding for our Community Entrepreneur Opportunity fund program ("CEO"). 


And Las Vegas is right on its heels. Some of our contributors can give more than others, but all who give are equal partners in making Orlando the best it can be. And Orlando has helped fund Las Vegas, now open for CEO business. And those who sacrifice will be remembered and honored for what they are doing. They are the best of Orlando.

Our Four Categories of Contributors are:

PLATINUM - These are Contributors who provide services at no cost. In other words, all monies contributed to the CEO fund are available for entrepreneurs, and these Contributors are serving the donors at their expense. An incredible commitment to our Community and its growth. Without them, our fund wouldn't be possible. And without them, our Community wouldn't be the great Community it is. Good Communities can't exist without Contributors like these. Thank You!

GOLD - These Contributors cover minor costs associated with their services, and 75% of all funds contributed for their services are available for the CEO fund. These people/businesses are contributing major portions of future service revenues to help our entrepreneurs develop and grow. And, many are also involved in helping existing entrepreneurs making it in this uncertain coronavirus time.

SILVER - Silver Contributors make major contributions to the CEO fund. 50% of their normal pricing is contributed. Keep in mind, many of our contributors at all levels, especially the Silver and Bronze levels, are still trying to economically survive the coronavirus debacle. These groups are true Community heroes, and everyone working together to contribute what they can, are making our Community better.

BRONZE - Bronze Contributors are those that their businesses have such small margins, that they can't contribute more. Or they are just having problems getting back in business after the coronavirus episode. In any event, these Contributors should be applauded and cheered on, and supported. They are helping the Community's future, while working hard to keep their doors open. These are great people!

We also have businesses/people we RECOMMEND. These are companies that we either have had direct contact with or staff or supporters have recommended. We hope you   support them and all of our Contributors, and hope you continue with all if they can show you the same service they have provided to us.         

                                                        For More Info, Contact us at                                                                                                              CommunityFund@realsecondchance.org





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