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Real Second Chance Announces New Chapter in Las Vegas, Two New Vice Presidents

June 15, 2020, Kissimmee, FL  – Real Second chance has announced the opening of a new Chapter of the 501c3, and has named Mike Smith and Jeff Smith as Vice Presidents and Directors of Las Vegas Operations. 

Mike Smith

Mike Smith is a proven Operations Manager, managing the largest graphics company in the Casino Gaming Industry. Responsibilities included serving the entire Las Vegas Hotel Community, along with over 400 additional hotel/casino endpoints worldwide. The attention to customers, their quality requirements and tight deadlines is a necessary requirement to manage the detail and sensitivity of the Real Second Chance organization. Entrepreneurs have to be satisfied, businesses have to be created, and deserving candidates will need someone with successful experience to help them through the rough spots.

Mike currently manages an entrepreneurial Internet company helping large and small businesses with social media, marketing and branding new products and services. That experience will be extremely helpful to our candidates.

Mike has a B.A. in Social Science form the University of California Irvine, is married with two children.     

Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith's background is in sales and sales management in large commercial markets. After graduating from College, Jeff joined a top market research company in California and used that experience to help build the largest graphics company in the Gaming Industry. In that company, he managed sales worldwide. His customer base included some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world, clients that owned casinos, cruise lines, and hotels. His geographic area was the world, with special customer relationships in Japan, China, South Africa, Australia and Europe. 

Jeff adds a wealth of experience in how to brand and sell products and services. His contribution to Real Second Chance will be to help direct the sales efforts of our new entrepreneurs, and he will have a special responsibility on helping to make them successful.

Jeff has a B.A. in Economics from University of California Irvine, is married with two children.

About Real Second Chance

Real Second Chance was formed to help make a major impact on community life through promoting entrepreneurship at all levels, across all demographic and psychographic categories. It has grown in stature and achievement and has now created a Venture fund, the Community Entrepreneur Opportunity fund ("CEO"), that helps new entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs from distressed situations, and those who need help going through the crises that 2020 has brought to small businesses. 


Mike Smith, VP                                                                                                                  info@realsecondchance.org                                                                                                                            1(800) 410-1973 




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