Welcome Evolutech!!!

Real Second Chance(R) is pleased to announce a formal relationship with Evolutech, Ltd., a Canadian company located in Boucherville, Quebec, Canada. Evolutech has been a worldwide leader for 40 years in providing Descaling of internal commercial building networks without chemicals, providing Energy saving (up to 20%), Savings in operating costs, Better heat exchange, Reduction of chemicals (up to 99%), and Reduced maintenance costs. Evolutech has become a commercial building staple in Quebec and Canada, and now has agreed to help RSC’s clients including ex-felons, drug addicts and homeless, become entrepreneurs servicing commercial buildings in the U.S. with the most proven and advanced technology available. Replacing chemicals makes all communities better, and Evolutech is the leader. The choice between using chemicals and using Evolutech, is no longer a choice. It is a green, cost-saving decision, that every commercial building owner should make.

See more at www.evolu-tech.ca





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